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Герта Мюллер

Дата рождения: 17. Август 1953

Ге́рта Мю́ллер — немецкая поэтесса и писательница, общественный деятель, художник. Лауреат Нобелевской премии по литературе 2009 года с формулировкой «с сосредоточенностью в поэзии и искренностью в прозе описывает жизнь обездоленных».

„Родина связана и с тем, как складывалась биография. Всё, что было в жизни, формирует наши представления о том, какой мы можем видеть родину. Поэтому найти «своё» и найти себя жителям стран Восточной Европы тяжелее. Во что верить? На что опереться в прошлом?“

„I have packed myself into silence so deeply and for so long that I can never unpack myself using words. When I speak, I only pack myself a little differently.“ The Hunger Angel

„I'm always telling myself I don't have many feelings. Even when something does affect me I'm only moderately moved. I almost never cry. It's not that I'm stronger than the ones with teary eyes, I'm weaker. They have courage. When all you are is skin and bones, feelings are a brave thing. I'm more of a coward. The difference is minimal though, I just use my strength not to cry. When I do allow myself a feeling, I take the part that hurts and bandage it up with a story that doesn't cry, that doesn't dwell on homesickness.“ The Hunger Angel

„Women always need other women to lean on. They become friends in order to hate each other better. The more they hate each other, the more inseparable they become.“ The Land of Green Plums

„When we don't speak, said Edgar, we become unbearable, and when we do, we make fools of ourselves.“ The Land of Green Plums

„If only the right person would have to leave, everyone else would be able to stay in the country.“ The Land of Green Plums

„Everyday brought me further away from other people, I had been placed out of the world's sight, as if in a cupboard, and I hoped it would stay that way. I developed a yearning for being alone, unkempt, untended.“ The Appointment

„Once upon a time they had some bad luck, and they blame everything on that.“

„My flesh was burning where the skin was scraped off my knees, and I was afraid that I couldn't be alive anymore with so much pain, and at the same time I knew I was alive because it hurt. I was afraid that death would find its way into me through this open knee and I quickly covered my knee with my hands.“ Nadirs

„To combat death you don't need much of a life, just one that isn't yet finished.“ The Hunger Angel

„At a time I used to think that in a world without guards people would walk differently from the way we do in our country. Where people are allowed to think and write differently, I thought, they will also walk differently.“ The Land of Green Plums

„No words are adequate for the suffering caused by hunger. To this day I have to show hunger that I escaped his grasp. Ever since I stopped having to go hungry, I literally eat life itself. And when I eat, I am locked up inside the taste of eating. For sixty years, ever since I came back from the camp, I have been eating against starvation.“ The Hunger Angel

„In this county, we had to walk, eat, sleep and love in fear.“ The Land of Green Plums

„Only the demented would not have raised their hands in the great hall. They had exchanged fear for insanity".“ The Land of Green Plums

„Silence is also a form of speaking.“

„No cities can grow in a dictatorship, because everything stays small when it’s being watched.“ The Land of Green Plums

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