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Норман Дуглас

Дата рождения: 8. Декабрь 1868
Дата смерти: 7. Февраль 1952

Джордж Норман Дуглас — английский прозаик.

„Чтобы найти друга, нужно закрыть один глаз; чтобы его удержать, нужно закрыть оба.“

„Многие мужчины, думавшие, что они основали семейный очаг, обнаружили, что на самом деле они открыли забегаловку для своих приятелей.“

„Никто не может понять ребенка так неправильно, как его мать...“

„Мы слишком много занимаемся сексом в своей черепной коробке и слишком мало где-либо еще.“

„Многие люди, которые думают обрести домашний очаг, обнаруживают, что просто открыли таверну для своих друзей.“

„Идеалы нации можно легко определить по рекламным объявлениям.“ Об идеалах нации можно судить по её рекламе.

„If you want to see what children can do, you must stop giving them things.“

„Bouillabaisse is only good because cooked by the French, who, if they cared to try, could produce an excellent and nutritious substitute out of cigar stumps and empty matchboxes.“

„You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements.“

„Why always "not yet"?  Do flowers in spring say "not yet"?“

„Education is a state-controlled manufactory of echoes.“

„How hard it is, sometimes, to trust the evidence of one's senses! How reluctantly the mind consents to reality.“

„To find a friend one must close one eye - to keep him, two.“

„Never take a solemn oath. People think you mean it.“

„History deals with situations and figures not imaginary but real. It demands therefore a combination of qualities unnecessary to the poet or writer of romance - glacial judgment coupled with fervent sympathy. The poet may be an uninspired illiterate, the romance-writer an uninspired hack. Under no circumstances can either of them be accused of wrongdoing or deceiving the public, however incongruous their efforts. They write well or badly, and there the matter ends. The historian, who fails in his duty, deceives the reader and wrongs the dead.“ South Wind

„I grow more intolerant of fools as the years roll on. If I had a son, I was saying, I would take him from school at the age of fourteen, not a moment later, and put him for two years in a commercial house. Wake him up; make an English citizen of him. Teach him how to deal with men as men, to write a straightforward business letter, manage his own money and gain some respect for those industrial movements which control the world. Next, two years in some wilder part of the world, where his own countrymen and equals by birth are settled under primitive conditions, and have formed their rough codes of society. The intercourse with such people would be a capital invested for life. The next two years should be spent in the great towns of Europe, in order to remove awkwardness of manner, prejudices of race and feeling, and to get the outward forms of a European citizen. All this would sharpen his wits, give him more interest in life, more keys to knowledge. It would widen his horizon. Then, and not a minute sooner, to the University, where he would go not as a child but a man capable of enjoying its real advantages, attend lectures with profit, acquire manners instead of mannerisms and a University tone instead of a University taint.“ South Wind

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