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Пауль Целан

Дата рождения: 23. Ноябрь 1920
Дата смерти: 20. Апрель 1970

Па́уль Це́лан — немецкоязычный поэт и переводчик.

Цитаты Пауль Целан

„Родина поэта — его стихотворение; от стихотворения к стихотворению она меняется.“

„Вы молитвенно, вы кощунственно, вы молитвенно острые лезвия моего молчания.“ Пер. О. Седаковой

„Poetry is a sort of homecoming.“

is invisible enough
to see you“

„Only one thing remained reachable, close and secure amid all losses: language. Yes, language. In spite of everything, it remained secure against loss.“

„There was earth inside them, and they dug.“

„How you die out in me:

down to the last
knot of breath
you're there, with a
of life.“
Poems of Paul Celan

„Spring: trees flying up to their birds“

„Don't sign your name
between worlds,

the manifold of meanings,

trust the tearstain,
learn to live.“
Glottal Stop

„Autunm eats its leaf out of my hand: we are friends.
From the nuts we shell time and we teach it to walk:
then time returns to the shell.

In the mirror it's Sunday,
in dream there is room for sleeping,
our mouths speak the truth.

My eye moves down to the sex of my loved one:
we look at each other,
we exchange dark words,
we love each other like poppy and recollection,
we sleep like wine in the conches,
like the sea in the moon's blood ray.

We stand by the window embracing, and people look up from
the street:
it is time they knew!
It is time the stone made an effort to flower,
time unrest had a beating heart.
It is time it were time.

It is time.“

„They've healed me to pieces.“

„you're rowing by wordlight“

„Poetry is perhaps this: an Atemwende, a turning of our breath. Who knows, perhaps poetry goes its way—the way of art—for the sake of just such a turn? And since the strange, the abyss and Medusa’s head, the abyss and the automaton, all seem to lie in the same direction—is it perhaps this turn, this Atemwende, which can sort out the strange from the strange? It is perhaps here, in this one brief moment, that Medusa’s head shrivels and the automaton runs down? Perhaps, along with the I, estranged and freed here, in this manner, some other thing is also set free?“

„in the air, there your root remains, there, in the air“

„Reality is not simply there, it does not simply exist: it must be sought out and won.“

„With a changing key,
you unlock the house where
the snow of what’s silenced drifts.
Just like the blood that bursts from
Your eye or mouth or ear,
so your key changes.

Changing your key changes the word
That may drift with flakes.
Just like the wind that rebuffs you,
Clenched round your word is the snow.“

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