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Питер Акройд

Дата рождения: 5. Октябрь 1949

Питер Акройд — британский писатель, поэт и литературный критик.

Цитаты Питер Акройд

„Когда ты перестаёшь изменять мир, он начинает изменять тебя.“

„Реальность выдумали люди, лишенные воображения.“

„And when I was young, did I ever tell you, I always wanted to get inside
a book and never come out again? I loved reading so much I wanted
to be a part of it, and there were some books I could have stayed in
for ever.“
First Light

„The world is a sea in which we all must surely drown.“ English Music

„I have liv'd long enough for others, like the Dog in the Wheel, and it is now the Season to begin for myself: I cannot change that Thing call'd Time, but I can alter its Posture and, as Boys do turn a looking-glass against the Sunne, so I will dazzle you all.“ Hawksmoor

„The best years are when you know what you're doing.“ English Music

„Sometimes the silences, the gaps, tell us more than
anything else.“
First Light

„Under the force of the imagination, nature itself is changed.“ The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein

„The ordinary routines of life are never chronicled by the historian, but they make up almost the whole of experience.“ Foundation: The History of England from Its Earliest Beginnings to the Tudors

„It is strange, is it not, how a person can adore one's soul so much that they adore one's body also?“ The Last Testament of Oscar Wilde

„There is no humiliation worse than the consciousness of a wasted
life. It stains the spirit, forestalls hope, and destroys any motive for
action or change.“
English Music

„He stood beneath the white tower, and looked up at it with that mournful expression which his face always carried in repose: for one moment he thought of climbing up its cracked and broken stone, and then from its summit screaming down at the silent city as a child might scream at a chained animal.“ Hawksmoor

„The endless chatter of this journey had wearied me.“ The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein

„For when I trace back the years I have liv'd, gathering them up in my Memory, I see what a chequer'd Work Of Nature my life has been. If I were now to inscribe my own History with its unparalleled Sufferings and surprizing Adventures (as the Booksellers might indite it), I know that the great Part of the World would not believe the Passages there related, by reason of the Strangeness of them, but I cannot help their Unbelief; and if the Reader considers them to be but dark Conceits, then let him bethink himself that Humane life is quite out of the Light and that we are all Creatures of Darknesse.“ Hawksmoor

„I lack the World, for I move like a Ghost through it.“ Hawksmoor

„Bigotry does not consort easily with free trade.“ Venice: Pure City

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