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Жан Жене

Дата рождения: 19. Декабрь 1910
Дата смерти: 15. Апрель 1986

Жан Жене́ — французский писатель, поэт и драматург, творчество которого вызывает споры. Главными героями его произведений были воры, убийцы, проститутки, сутенеры, контрабандисты и прочие обитатели социального дна.

„Большая часть жизни проходит в дурацком отупении, в убогом идиотизме: открываешь дверь, зажигаешь сигарету… В жизни человека бывает лишь несколько проблесков. Всё остальное — серая мгла“

„Worse than not realizing the dreams of your youth would be to have been young and never dreamed at all.“

„A man must dream a long time in order to act with grandeur, and dreaming is nursed in darkness.“

„To achieve harmony in bad taste is the height of elegance.“

„I could not take lightly the idea that people made love without me.“ The Thief's Journal

„My heart's in my hand, and my hand is pierced, and my hand's in the bag, and the bag is shut, and my heart is caught.“ Our Lady of the Flowers

„She was happy, and perfectly in line with the tradition of those women they used to call "ruined," "fallen," feckless, bitches in heat, ravished dolls, sweet sluts, instant princesses, hot numbers, great lays, succulent morsels, everybody's darlings...“ Querelle of Brest

„If we behave like those on the other side, then we are the other side. Instead of changing the world, all we'll achieve is a reflection of the one we want to destroy.“ The Balcony

„Anyone who hasn't experienced the ecstasy of betrayal knows nothing of ecstasy at all.“ Prisoner of Love

„I wanted to swallow myself by opening my mouth very wide and turning it over my head so that it would take in my whole body, and then the Universe, until all that would remain of me would be a ball of eaten thing which little by little would be annihilated: that is how I see the end of the world.“ Our Lady of the Flowers

„They spent their time doing nothing... they let intimacy fuse them.“ Our Lady of the Flowers

„Erotic play discloses a nameless world which is revealed by the nocturnal language of lovers. Such language is not written down. It is whispered into the ear at night in a hoarse voice. At dawn it is forgotten.“ The Thief's Journal

„Ah those knock-out body fluids: blood, sperm, tears!“ Querelle of Brest

„Slowly but surly I want to strip her of every kind of happiness as to make a saint of her.“ Our Lady of the Flowers

„Limited by the world, which I oppose, jagged by it, I shall be all the more handsome and sparkling as the angles which wound me and give me shape are more acute and the jagging more cruel.“ The Thief's Journal

„Betrayal is beautiful.“ The Thief's Journal

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