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Борис Акунин

Дата рождения: 20. Май 1956

Бори́с Аку́нин — русский писатель, учёный-японист, литературовед, переводчик, общественный деятель. Также публиковался под литературными псевдонимами Анна Борисова и Анатолий Брусникин.

Цитаты Борис Акунин

„Необходимость в герое возникает тогда, когда нужно что-то спасать, когда требуется своим телом затыкать какую-то прореху. Герой и героизм — это явные признаки того, что в системе происходит сбой. И когда говорят: «героическое время», это всегда означает, что время настало паршивое.“

„Yakov Mikhailovich, as we have already said, believed fervently in the power of the human intellect. There are no insoluble problems, only incompetent problem solvers.“ Pelagia and the Red Rooster

„I pay my teachers very well, because pedagogy is the most important of all the sciences“ The Winter Queen

„He used to be a German, but he completely recovered.“ Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog

„The double-headed eagle that serves the Russian Empire as its crest illustrates quite magnificently the entire system of government of that country, where any matter of even the slightest importance is not entrusted to a single authority but at least two“ The Turkish Gambit

„For every taxpayer, no matter who he is, establish a single tax, not too great, which is known in advance and collectable immediately from all payments, deliveries, transactions, and income. And this tribute must not exceed one tenth part, because the holy church has tested this since ancient times and learned from its own rich experience that a man will agree to pay a tenth part of his wealth, but no more, not even out of fear of our Father in Heaven. And this means that there is no point in tempting him.“ Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog

„I read somewhere that it’s called American roulette. It was invented in America, in the goldfields. You put a single shot in the cylinder, give it a twirl, and then—bang! If you’re lucky you break the bank; if not, then it’s good-bye“ The Winter Queen

„As they say, out with one eye for remembering the past, but if you forget, out with both. And“ Special Assignments

„Have you ever heard of the law of large numbers? If you carry on betting large sums day after day, then sooner or later you are bound to win everything back.” As far“ The Turkish Gambit

„But Pelagia didn’t wait for the second circle: with a sickening squeal, she thrust the two needles straight through the cloth of the bag into the murderer’s only eye. At the final moment she suddenly felt frightened: What if she hadn’t remembered which eye was the natural one? However, to judge“ Pelagia and the Red Rooster

„the reverend bishop, knowing that Pelagia found it easier to think with her knitting in her hands, told her, “You may knit.” The pointed steel needles began clacking furiously and Mitrofanii frowned as he recalled what dreadful creations those deceptively deft hands brought into the world. At Eastertide the sister had presented the bishop with a white scarf adorned with the letters CA for “Christ is Arisen,” rendered so crookedly that they seemed already to have celebrated the ending of the fast with some gusto. “Who is this for?” His Grace“ Sister Pelagia and the White Bulldog

„While hope is still alive, then so is God. And you, as a nun, should know that!” Pelagia responded to this reproach with a humble bow, but still she did not relent. “And Christ, when He went to the cross, did He also hope?” she asked in a quiet voice. The bishop did not immediately appreciate the full significance of this audacious question and merely frowned. But having understood it, he raised himself up to his full height, stamped his foot, and exclaimed, “Would you make a suicide of our Savior? Get thee behind me, Satan! Begone!“ Pelagia and the Black Monk

„Shocked and grieved by sudden death of Adjutant General Sobolev.’ She sobbed and blew her nose, then continued reading. “‘He will be hard for the Russian army to replace and, of course, this loss is greatly lamented by all true soldiers. It is sad to lose such useful people who are so devoted to their work. Alexander.’” Fandorin raised his eyebrows slightly—the telegram had sounded rather cold to him. “Hard to replace”? Meaning that the general could be replaced after all? “Sad”—and nothing more? “The lying in state and funeral“ The Death of Achilles

„Be so kind as not to Frenchify. It really is a stupid habit to stick half of a French phrase into Russian speech,” Zurov said irritably, glancing around at the speaker, although he himself interpolated French expressions now and again.“ The Winter Queen

„She can't go into public care,” he explained. “She'd pine away. The poor simpleton is far too used to me.” That was when Fandorin really astounded him. “I envy you,” he said, sighing. “You're a fortunate man, Tulipov. At such a young age you already have reason to respect yourself—something you can be proud of. The Lord has given you a firm center for the whole of your life.“ Special Assignments

„What a shot! Now tell me Zurov wastes his time making holes in five-kopeck pieces! From forty paces straight into the back of the head, and you have to take the poor light into account.“ The Winter Queen

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