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Джон Александер Макдональд

Дата рождения: 11. Январь 1815
Дата смерти: 6. Июнь 1891


Сэр Джон Александер Макдональд GCB KCMG PC — канадский юрист и политик, премьер Объединённой провинции Канады, а в дальнейшем один из отцов Канадской конфедерации и первый премьер-министр суверенной Канады.

Цитаты Джон Александер Макдональд

„He has no British instincts or British feelings or aspirations.“

— John A. Macdonald
speaking about the Chinese, debating the 1885 Electoral Franchise Act in the House of Commons, Official Report of the Debates of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada (Ottawa: Maclean, Roger & co, 1885) (Henceforth, Commons Debates), 18, May 4, 1885, 1582. [https://books.google.ca/books?id=mH-3BR845GwC&pg=PA82 page 82 of Contesting White Supremacy: School Segregation, Anti-Racism, and the Making of Chinese Canadians] quotes this


„Yes, but the people would prefer John A. drunk to George Brown sober.“

— John A. Macdonald
Responding to a heckler. (from John A: The Man Who Made Us by Richard J. Gwyn).

„I must have another $10,000. Will be the last time of calling. Do not fail me. Answer today.“

— John A. Macdonald
Telegram to Hugh Allan, head of the Canadian Pacific Railway, six days before the 1872 election. The release of this telegram spurred the Pacific Scandal.

„As for myself, my course is clear. A British subject I was born — a British subject I will die. With my utmost effort, with my latest breath, will I oppose the ‘veiled treason’ which attempts by sordid means and mercenary proffers to lure our people from their allegiance.“

— John A. Macdonald
February 3, 1891 as the 1891 election was called, fought largely over the issue of free trade with the United States; reported at [http://www.histori.ca/prodev/article.do;jsessionid=8D3831D48EE489EBCF46813C8427E685.tomcat1?id=15356 Historic Canada].

„He hoped that Britain and Canada would have "a healthy and cordial alliance. Instead of looking upon us as a merely dependent colony, England will have in us a friendly nation, a subordinate but still a powerful people to stand by her in North America in peace or in war."“

— John A. Macdonald
1865, quoted on [https://books.google.ca/books?id=LRukOUFKGnkC&pg=PA394 page 394 of Canadian Constitutional Development: Shown by Selected Speeches and Dispatches, with Introductions and Explanatory Notes] published 1907

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