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Эдуард Гиббон

Дата рождения: 8. Май 1737
Дата смерти: 16. Январь 1794
Другие имена: Эдвард Гиббон

Эдвард Ги́ббон — английский историк. Автор «Истории упадка и разрушения Римской империи» .

„У каждого человека бывают два воспитания: одно, которое ему дают другие, и другое, более важное, которое он дает себе сам.“

„Религия расценивается обычными людьми как правда, умными – как ложь, а правителями – как полезность.“

„Ветер и волны всегда на стороне более умелого мореплавателя.“

„Все свои религиозные культы народ Древнего Рима всегда считал одинаково истинными, философы — одинаково ложными, а правители — одинаково полезными“

„В действительности, история это немного больше, чем перечень преступлений, бредовых поступков и невезений человечества“

„У всякого человека бывает два воспитания: одно, которое ему дают другие, и другое, более важное, которое он дает себе сам.“

„We improve ourselves by victory over our self. There must be contests, and you must win.“

„The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.“

„The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world were all considered by the people as equally true; by the philosopher as equally false; and by the magistrate as equally useful.“ The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

„The five marks of the Roman decaying culture:

Concern with displaying affluence instead of building wealth;

Obsession with sex and perversions of sex;

Art becomes freakish and sensationalistic instead of creative and original;

Widening disparity between very rich and very poor;

Increased demand to live off the state.“

„Conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of genius.“

„My early and invincible love of reading--I would not exchange for the treasures of India.“

„I make it a point never to argue with people for whose opinion I have no respect.“

„The most worthless of mankind are not afraid to condemn in others the same disorders which they allow in themselves; and can readily discover some nice difference in age, character, or station, to justify the partial distinction.“ The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

„Books are those faithful mirrors that reflect to our mind the minds of sages and heroes.“

„The policy of the emperors and the senate, as far as it concerned religion, was happily seconded by the reflections of the enlightened, and by the habits of the superstitious, part of their subjects. The various modes of worship, which prevailed in the Roman world, were all considered by the people, as equally true; by the philosopher, as equally false; and by the magistrate, as equally useful. And thus toleration produced not only mutual indulgence, but even religious concord.“ The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

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