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Эммануил Сведенборг

Дата рождения: 29. Январь 1688
Дата смерти: 29. Март 1772

Эммануил Сведенборг — шведский учёный-естествоиспытатель, христианский мистик, теософ, изобретатель. Занимался космологией, механикой, математикой, анатомией, физиологией, политикой, экономикой, металлургией, геологией, горным делом и химией. Автор трудов по обработке металлов. Считается родоначальником таких дисциплин, как минералогия и физиология мозга.

Цитаты Эммануил Сведенборг

„This I can declare: things that are in heaven are more real than things that are in the world.“

„Love comes into being through useful service to others.“

„Such as the love is, such is the wisdom, consequently such is the man (n. 368)
(Divine Love and Wisdom, 1763)“

„We do need to realize, though, that it is the quality of our love that determines the quality of this life.“ Heaven and Hell

„People are unaware that spirits even exist, let alone that angels are present with them.“

„Others work among the spirits that have just arrived in the world of spirits. Again others raise the children who have died in infancy. Swedenborg ensures the parents of these infants that 'All children whether born within or outside of the church, are adopted by the Lord and become Angels'.“

„Man, when he is re-born, passes through the ages as he who is born; and the preceding state is always as an egg in respect to the subsequent one, thus he is continually conceived and born: and this not only when he lives in the world, but also when he comes into another life to eternity: and still when he cannot be further perfected, then to be as an egg to those things which remain to be manifested, which are indefinite.“

„for heaven is within us, and people who have heaven within them come into heaven. The heaven within us is our acknowledgment of the Divine and our being led by the Divine.“ Heaven and Hell

„The spiritual idea of distances of space is the same as of distances of good or distances of truth, which are affinities and likenesses according to states of goodness and truth.“ Divine Love and Wisdom

„A spiritual church first becomes a church when it acts as bidden by charity, charity being the true teaching of faith.“ Secrets of Heaven 1: Portable

„In the Protestant Christian world, active repentance, which is examining ourselves, recognizing and admitting to our sins, praying to the Lord, and starting a new life, is extremely difficult to practice, for a number of reasons that will be covered later. Therefore here is an easier kind of repentance: When we are considering doing something evil and are forming an intention to do it, we say to ourselves, “I am thinking about this and I am intending to do it, but because it is a sin, I am not going to do it.” This counteracts the enticement that hell is injecting into us and keeps it from making further inroads.“ Regeneration: Spiritual Growth and How It Works

„What could be sweeter to us than to hear and persuade ourselves that we can be saved, even if we live like a savage beast? Even non-Christians see that this is false, and many of them shudder at Christian teachings when they observe how Christians live.“ Secrets of Heaven 1: Portable

„Vše, co jsem zapsal, je stejně pravdivé jako to, že mě teď vidíte před sebou. Mohl bych říci ještě mnohem více, kdyby mi to bylo bývalo dovoleno. Po smrti se však všechno dozvíte a pak si budeme mít ještě hodně co říci.“

„People who do not examine themselves are like people with a sickness that closes off their capillaries and therefore corrupts their blood, causing their limbs to go to sleep and atrophy, and resulting in severe chronic diseases because their humors, and therefore the blood that arises from them, are viscous, sticky, irritating, and acidic. People who do examine themselves, however, including the intentions of their will, are like people who are healed from these diseases and regain the vitality they felt when they were young. People who examine themselves in the right way are like ships from Ophir completely filled with gold, silver, and precious stones; before they examined themselves, though, they were like barges loaded down with unclean freight, carting away the filth and excrement from city streets....“ Regeneration: Spiritual Growth and How It Works

„[6] Then the ambassador asked him, “Can you make it true that you yourself are insane?” The provider of arguments said, “I could, but I don’t want to. Who isn’t insane?” Then people asked the provider of arguments to say from the heart whether he was joking or whether he really believed that there is no truth except what people make out to be true. He replied, “That is what I believe, I swear.” Afterward“ TRUE CHRISTIANITY 1: PORTABLE: THE PORTABLE NEW CENTURY EDITION

„Goodwill has something in common with each of these categories of love, because goodwill is by definition a love for usefulness of all kinds. Goodwill wants to do what is good for our neighbor, and goodness is the same as usefulness. Each of the categories of love just mentioned have usefulness as their goal: love for heaven has the goal of being useful in spiritual ways; love for the world has the goal of being useful in earthly ways, which could also be called forms of civil service; and love for ourselves has the goal of being useful in physical ways, which could also be labeled benefits at home for ourselves and our loved ones.“ TRUE CHRISTIANITY 1: PORTABLE: THE PORTABLE NEW CENTURY EDITION

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