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Франк, Ганс

Дата рождения: 23. Май 1900
Дата смерти: 16. Октябрь 1946


Ганс Михаэль Франк — немецкий государственный и политический деятель, адвокат, рейхсляйтер . В 1940—1945 годах — генерал-губернатор оккупированной Польши . Один из главных организаторов масштабного террора в отношении польского и еврейского населения Польши. После окончания войны арестован и приговорен к смертной казни на Нюрнбергском процессе.

Цитаты Франк, Ганс

„Let me tell you quite frankly: in one way or another we will have to finish with the Jews. The führer once expressed it as follows: should Jewry once again succeed in inciting a world war, the bloodletting could not be limited to the peoples they drove to war but the Jews themselves would be done for in Europe. If the Jewish tribe survives the war in Europe while we sacrifice our blood for the preservation of Europe, this war will be but a partial success. Basically, I must presume, therefore, that the Jews will disappear. To that end I have started negotiations to expel them to the east. In any case, there will be a great Jewish migration. But what is to become of the Jews? Do you think that they will be settled in villages in the conquered eastern territories? In Berlin we have been told not to complicate matters: since neither these territories, nor our own, have any use for them, we should liquidate them ourselves! Gentlemen, I must ask you to remain unmoved by pleas for pity. We must annihilate the Jews wherever we encounter them and wherever possible, in order to maintain the overall mastery of the Reich here... For us the Jews are also exceptionally damaging because they are being such gluttons. There are an estimated 2.5 million Jews in the General Government, perhaps. 3.5 million. These 3.5 million Jews, we cannot shoot them, nor can we poison them. Even so, we can take steps which in some way or other will pave the way for their destruction, notably in connection with the grand measures to be discussed in the Reich. The General Government must become just as judenfrei (free of Jews) as the Reich!“

— Hans Frank
To senior members of his administration, December 16, 1941, quoted in "Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?: the final solution in history" - Page 302 - by Arno J. Mayer - History - 1988

„Hitler is lonely. So is God. Hitler is like God.“

— Hans Frank
Quoted in "The War Against God" - Page 3 - by Carl Lamson Carmer - Nationalism - 1943


„After the deed is done, one always becomes clever and philosophical.“

— Hans Frank
To Leon Goldensohn, March 16, 1946, from "The Nuremberg Interviews" by Leon Goldensohn, Robert Gellately - History - 2004 - Page 29


„Even in art, there is no light without shadows, and no shadows are cast without some light. Even the shadow of Adolf Hitler is accompanied by some light.“

— Hans Frank
To Leon Goldensohn, July 20, 1946, from "The Nuremberg Interviews" by Leon Goldensohn, Robert Gellately - History - 2004 - Page 37


„I am thankful for the kind treatment during my captivity and I ask God to accept me with mercy.“

— Hans Frank
Last words, 10/16/46, quoted in "The Mammoth Book of Eyewitness World War II" - Page 565 - by Jon E. Lewis - History - 2002

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