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Модель, Вальтер

Дата рождения: 24. Январь 1891
Дата смерти: 21. Апрель 1945


О́тто Мо́риц Ва́льтер Мо́дель — германский военачальник, генерал-фельдмаршал.

Цитаты Модель, Вальтер

„The best Kamerad inside the pocket will be the Kamerad outside the pocket.“

— Walter Model
Context: The best Kamerad inside the pocket will be the Kamerad outside the pocket. (Der beste K. I. K wird K. A. K) To Colonel Günther Reichhelm on 11 April 1945. Model requested that Reichhelm join him for dinner before his departure. In the staff guest book at the officers' mess, the field marshal carefully wrote. Quoted in "Battle for the Ruhr" - Page 345 - by Derek S. Zumbro - 2006

„I fully subscribe to those words with my special thanks to all officers, noncommissioned officers and men for the attitude displayed during this fighting.“

— Walter Model
After the Operation Market Garden, Field Marshal Model passed the appreciation from OB West on to his soldier, September 27, 1944. Quoted in "Rückzug: The German Retreat from France, 1944" - Page 278 - by Joachim Ludewig - 2012


„Mein Führer, who commands The Ninth Army, you or I?“

— Walter Model
To Adolf Hitler on 20 January 1942, Wolfsschanze. Quoted in "Generalfeldmarschall Model Biographie" - Page 115 - by Walter Göriltz - 2012

„I sincerely believe that I have served a criminal. I led my soldiers in good conscience... but for a criminal government.“

— Walter Model
To Colonel Theodor Pilling, Lieutenant Colonel Roger Michael, Major Winrich Behr in the evening of April 20, 1945. They tuned in the Wehrmacht receiver, and listened Joseph Goebbels's speech marking the Hitler's Birthday. Quoted in "Battle for the Ruhr" - Page 378 - by Derek S. Zumbro - 2006

„Has everything been done to justify our actions in the light of history? What can there be left for a commander in defeat? In antiquity they took poison.“

— Walter Model
To his chief of staff General Carl Wagener on 17 April 145, before dissolving Army Group B. Quoted in "Battle for the Ruhr" - Page 373 - by Derek S. Zumbro - 2006

„He who leads troops has no right to think about himself.“

— Walter Model
Quoted in "Hitler's Generals" - Page 323 - by Correlli Barnett - History - 2003

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