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Роза Люксембург

Дата рождения: 5. Март 1871
Дата смерти: 15. Январь 1919

Ро́за Лю́ксембург — теоретик марксизма, философ, экономист и публицист. Одна из наиболее влиятельных деятелей немецкой и европейской революционной левой социал-демократии. Участвовала в работе кружка польских политических эмигрантов, стоявшего у истоков революционной социал-демократии Польши, вела борьбу против национализма Польской социалистической партии . За антивоенную агитацию в годы Первой мировой войны подверглась репрессиям — суммарный срок, проведённый в тюрьмах, составил около 4 лет. Одна из основателей антивоенного Союза Спартака и Коммунистической партии Германии. Схвачена и убита вместе с соратником по партии Карлом Либкнехтом после подавления восстания берлинских рабочих в январе 1919 года.

„Свобода — это прежде всего свобода для инакомыслящих.“

„Я надеюсь умереть на своем посту — на улице или в тюрьме.“

„Те, кто не двигаются, не замечают своих цепей.“

„Быстрее и лучше всего учишься, когда учишь других.“

„Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.“

„Freiheit ist immer die Freiheit des Andersdenkenden

Freedom is always, and exclusively, freedom for the one who thinks differently.“

„Being human means throwing your whole life on the scales of destiny when need be, all the while rejoicing in every sunny day and every beautiful cloud.“

„The most revolutionary thing one can do is always to proclaim loudly what is happening.“ The Rosa Luxemburg Reader

„What do you want with these special Jewish pains? I feel as close to the wretched victims of the rubber plantations in Putamayo and the blacks of Africa with whose bodies the Europeans play ball… I have no special corner in my heart for the ghetto: I am at home in the entire world, where there are clouds and birds and human tears.“

„Tomorrow the revolution will 'rise up again, clashing its weapons,' and to your horror it will proclaim with trumpets blazing: I was, I am, I shall be!“

„Without general elections, without unrestricted freedom of press and assembly, without a free struggle of opinion, life dies out in every public institution, becomes a mere semblance of life, in which only the bureaucracy remains as the active element.“

„During the night two delegates of the railwaymen were arrested. The strikers immediately demanded their release, and as this was not conceded, they decided not to allow trains leave the town. At the station all the strikers with their wives and families sat down on the railway track-a sea of human beings. They were threatened with rifles salvoes. The workers bared their breast and cried, "Shoot!" A salvo was fired into the defenceless seated crowd, and 30 to 40 corpses, among them women and children, remained on the ground. On this becoming known the whole town of Kiev went to strike on the same day. The corpses of the murdered workers were raised on high by the crowd and carried round in mass demonstration.“

„Order prevails in Berlin!” You foolish lackeys! Your “order” is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will “rise up again, clashing its weapons,” and to your horror it will proclaim with trumpets blazing:

I was, I am, I shall be!“

„What presents itself to us as bourgeois legality is nothing but the violence of the ruling class, a violence raised to an obligatory norm from the outset.“

„Europe, it is true, is a geographical and, within certain limits, an historical cultural conception. But the idea of Europe as an economic unit contradicts capitalist development in two ways. First of all there exist within Europe among the capitalist States – and will so long as these exist – the most violent struggles of competition and antagonisms, and secondly the European States can no longer get along economically without the non-European countries.... At the present stage of development of the world market and of world economy, the conception of Europe as an isolated economic unit is a sterile concoction of the brain....
And if the idea of a European union in the economic sense has long been outstripped, this is no less the case in the political sense.
Only were one suddenly to lose sight of all these happenings and manoeuvres, and to transfer oneself back to the blissful times of the European concert of powers, could one say, for instance, that for forty years we have had uninterrupted peace. This conception, which considers only events on the European continent, does not notice that the very reason why we have had no war in Europe for decades is the fact that international antagonisms have grown infinitely beyond the narrow confines of the European continent, and that European problems and interests are now fought out on the world seas and in the by-corners of Europe.“
Rosa Luxemburg Speaks

„Women's freedom is the sign of social freedom.“

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